(1) What is EB5?

EB-5 actually is the name of a governmental program through which qualifies investor can get a green card through investment in an American Biz, and it is through creating and employment of a certain number of jobs in America through this investment.

(2) How can I confirm the qualifies project?

Actually, we need to prove eligibility of the funding to America government under the program

(3) What costs will be involved in this process?

You should pay the costs related to review of the documents and eligibility, that we will discuss about all costs in our future negotiations.

 (4) Do I need to pay the costs for checking the eligibility, even if the business does not qualify for the EB5 program?

No, you’ll be charged for checking the eligibility, when your business is approved.

(5) If the business is qualified, how long will it take for me to deposit the total investment for the project?

In general, once your business and investment form approved by the government that will take several months, according to our experience, this stage will take about 5-10 months, and all the funds will be allocated to your business.

(6) How many manpower my company should employ to be eligible for the program?

In general, for every 500,000 investments, your business must create 10 jobs directly or indirectly.

(7) Is there another items which may not be seen in this investment?

Definitely, our company as approved regional center as director of plan preview, can committed in a way that our company will be a minority shareholder (usually about 5%), and ir will provide you seasonally asn annually reports over 5 years.

(8) How can I get a green card for myself and my family through investment?

You can get green card for yourself, your wife, and children under 12 years old, once you start investment 050,000 $ at a business in America, if you have all the requirements and conditions for the EB5 program, you can get a green card.

Documents required to be eligible for the EB5 program are very strict, but our office will accompany you in the entire process until you get a green card.

Important: Please note that after 5 years you got a green card, you will become an American citizen.

(9) Should I attend to the business in which I invest, and work in it?

No, there is no need for your management or any active involvement in business. You will be as a limited business partner.

(10) How long will it take to get a green card?

In general, the process from the beginning up to the stage in which you’ll get a green card will take 14 to 18 months. And our whole team finally is able to get the approval for forms at the earliest possible time, because we have a very good experience in the number of requests and USCIS approve.

(11) Can I share the amount of investment with someone else?

No, total investment amount of 5000,00 $ must be owned by yourself to get a green card.

(12) How many green cards are there UN America for this EB5 program?

Currently, there are 10,000 green cards for EB5, and 3,000 of this number have been set aside for this program. Now, we are preparing, introducing the investors and presenting them to America’s government to obtain green card.

(13) Would you help me and my whole family to get a green card?

Yes, we will be with you in the entire process, and every step of progress in the program to get a green card for you and your family. As soon as we receive confirmation of your investment, we will apply for a green card for you.

(14) Do I need any working or training experience to obtain a green card?


(15) Will you receive any charge for obtaining a green card for me?

Yes, we have been designated by the government as a regional center. And, we have administrative expenses and costs related to consulting with you and different projects which must be paid. But the rate will depend on your capability, and we will inform you about all costs at the beginning. Please arrange a meeting with us in this regard, so that a full training will be given to you during implementation process.

(16) What happens if my application form is rejected by the government?

Your funds will be released from escrow account (third) to invest in considered business only when you get confirmation letter for your eligibility for EB5. And if your application is rejected for any reason, total amount of 500,000 $ will be returned to your account immediately.

Actually, this assets will be kept in the separate third safe account, till freeing up funds for desired business.

(17) How do I know that my fund will be invested in a secure place for 5 years?

Since according to governmental rules, we are not able to guarantee the projects, but will care your funds maximally in choosing the business where you will put your funds in. In fact before selecting the project 100%, as an eligible project, we will use a great deal of time and money to choose, economic analysis and employing the necessary people completely for each project.

(18) When can I get my entire fund and money from the project?

According to America rules, every business or project must, and will committed to return the total investment amount after a period of 5 years from your first investment. And your lawyer will follow your request at the end.

(19) At how many stages, 500,000 $ should be entered to the project at the time of investment?

Depending on the type of project, it can be in two stages, about 20% at first, and the remaining funds will be paid after confirmation of immigration department

(20) Can I use the money belongs to someone else for investment?

You can borrow from others as a loan, but you have to prove legally the money belongs to you, and you’ve earned the amount legally

(21) Do I need an immigration lawyer for this investment program?

Actually, it depends on your conditions, however, it is strongly recommended to have a legal lawyer with full knowledge to analyze the potential projects in the region for investment both in choosing the project or even after it.

(22) Should I live in Massachusetts in order to get a green card?

No, you can live anywhere in America.

(23) How can I become sure about the process of previous successful projects, and approvals of prior applicants of EB5 in your regional center?

You can check the website: www.eb5investvisa.com Project titles with complete descrioption of previuse and current projects are available in websites along with project management team, the names, and official confirmation of regional center licence.