EB-5 Corporation

Approved by the U.S. Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services. EB-5 Corporation is a regional center approved by the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services of the United States federal government. This institution has been established in order to attract foreign direct investment and inject it into various sectors of the U.S. economy, including housing, health services, technology, manufacturing business, and facilities such as restaurants, hotels, and leisure centers. Our activities are widespread all over the U.S.


Our Mission

Creating employment opportunities and helping eligible individuals who are willing to invest in America and acquire U.S. citizenship (naturalization) based on EB-5 regulations (acquisition of citizenship by investment). We are proud of our conservative approach in creating employment opportunities based on EB-5. Therefore, we simply cooperate in projects with eligible project executives with great work experience and high potential for creating employment opportunities.

The San Diego office of GSS provides real estate investment clients with the opportunity to consult in buying and selling all types of commercial property, including apartments, retail, office, single-tenant net-lease, industrial, healthcare, seniors housing, hospitality, land, manufactured homes and special assets. The San Diego represent commercial real estate investors throughout the California and surrounding states. Investment professionals also leverage GSS’s industry-leading research to offer investment real estate advisory services on individual properties and portfolios.